Thursday, June 4, 2009


HELLO! Thanks for stopping in at my blogspot! This is a "work in progress" and will be for a few weeks. My family will be leaving on Sunday for a very much needed and long-awaited cruise to Jamaica. So please be patient with me while my page is under construction.

I plan to use my blog for a couple things. One as a place to post my cardmaking creations and scrapbook layouts. And secondly, to journal my ho-hum every day life and the wonders of my family for all of our extended family and friends who live away from us. Our family & friends are scattered in several places across the US: Mississippi, Alabama, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Arizona, Miami. Give me some time to think about it and there's probably several other states that we have friends and family.

Bart & I have two daughters. Brie is 21 and just finished her second year of college here in Houston. She has decided to go into the nursing profession and will start classes towards her degree this fall. She will be starting a new summer "job" when we get back home from our trip. She was hired this morning as a nanny for a 9 year old girl here in Tomball.

Our daughter Kelly is 11 and is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She just finished 5th grade. Kelly loves TKD but is ready to try a new sport for a while and has decided to try volleyball this summer. Kelly is also going to start playing the bassoon in her 6th grade band in the fall.

Bart travels quite a bit with his job with Halliburton. He has travelled to Africa, Brazil, Italy, France and Trinidad, and will be going back to Africa this month after our vacation. He is an avid softball player and we both are HUGE NASCAR FANS. We go to the race in Talladega Alabama twice each year and Dale Jr. is our driver. We love Tony Stewart too.

Me? I am a stay-at-home mom who is never home!! I'm the president of PTO at Kelly's school, will be a member of the Band Booster Club. I play bunco once a month; I teach Sunday School in our youth department at church. I am an independent consultant for Close To My Heart, a leader in stamping and scrapbooking supplies. I LOVE PAPER CRAFTING!!! I am addicted to paper!!! Have you ever smelled new packs of scrapbooking paper?! It's the most glorious smell besides the smell of a newborn baby's skin. Those two rank up there at the top of the list of most wonderful smells!

Seriously, I create invitations for anyone and everyone. I finished a wedding of 300 invitations in January, I've done several birthday party invitations, baby shower invitations and birth announcements in the past few months. I am in the process of making the invitations for Brie's best friend's wedding. And will be designing the invitations for a bride here in Houston soon.

I hope you'll come back every now and again to see what my family is up to and what new creations I have come up with. I'll get pictures posted soon of lots of different things. I'll post a family photo from our trip as soon as we get back home, too!

Have a great weekend and check back soon!!

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  1. Good morning! I love your page! What a great idea! You are always soo creative! I love you and miss you. hugs and kisses to you and your family!! Kathleen