Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Wedding Invitation that was promised

Well, I guess it's better late than not at all. This is the invitation that I had designed and made a sample of for a bride a few weeks ago. She asked for some changes, I made those and now I've made a few more. I'm not sure if this will be the final, but this one I really like. It's simple, not too busy and will be easy to put together too. The designed paper matched her table linens, the red bow matched the roses she'll carry and the braiding down the front is almost the same as the braiding on her wedding gown. The front designed piece folds open to show the invitation and a pocket for the RSVP card, envelope and map to the wedding.
I hope you enjoy this one!! I'm working on Halloween and Christmas cards too. I'll post those soon! I promise it won't be a month and a half between posts next time!
We are getting ready for school to start on Monday. I can't wait!! I love summer but I'm ready for some normal schedules and a little structure to my day again.
We are taking one last trip before school starts. We are heading home to New Orleans on Friday to go to our church there for the 50th Anniversary celebration. AND to see my Best Friend Kathleen!!! I'm so excited to go visit the "Petty Patio"! Great friends, good wine.... nothing better than that!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!