Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to the Real World!

We arrived back to the real world on June 14th after spending 7 wonderful funfilled days on the Carnival Conquest cruise ship. This was our first cruise and it was the most glorious vacation ever! We spent a day in Montego Bay Jamaica and a day in Grand Cayman.
In Jamaica we spent the day on the beach on an excursion. We swam, we ate jerk chicken and rice with peas (it's really red beans & rice but the Jamaicans call it rice with peas), drank a little Red Stripe and played lots of beach games too.

In Grand Cayman, Kelly chose the excursion we did. She wants to be a Marine Biologist one day so we went to the Cayman Sea Turtle Farm. She snorkeled with the turtles, held a few of them and enjoyed the lagoon swimming too. The farm raises the sea turtles for release into the sea. They release about 10,000 per year. We also saw the most gorgeous Blue Iguana too! He was just hanging out munching on a shrub letting us take his picture! He was about 4 feet long from nose to tip of his tail.

Our day in Cozumel was cancelled due to the swine flu. So we spent an extra day at sea. The ship had a karaoke night every night at 7 and on 3 of the nights "auditioned" cruise guests for 10 different singing stars: Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Elton John, Gloria Estephan, Ricky Martin, Brittany Spears, Garth Brooks, Frank Sinatra, Madonna & Elvis. Well, they auditioned for Elvis on the night we had been in Jamaica for the day. Remember, we drank a little Red Stripe? Bart felt sorry for Vitalli (karaoke DJ) because no one had signed up to audition for ELVIS; and yes, you guessed it!! Bart auditioned! AND, he was Elvis in the grand finale show on the last night of the cruise!! He did great! And we have wonderful memories of our first cruise!! This will make a GREAT scrapbook for future generations!!

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